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  Ibiza 1993-1996
  Ibiza 1997-1999
  Ibiza 1999-2002
  Ibiza 2002-2009

SEAT Ibiza Parts

Please select your model of Seat Ibiza from the list below:

Seat Ibiza 1993-1996 (upto 6K-T-130000)
Seat Ibiza 1996-1999 (6K-T-130000 to 6K-X-399999)
Seat Ibiza 1999-2002 (6K-X-400000 to 6K-2-199999)
Seat Ibiza 2002-2009 (from 6L-2-000001)
Seat Ibiza 2009-2011 (6J) Coming Soon...

seat ibiza parts and spares