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CBZA 63kw/86PS (Petrol)
CBZB 77kW/105PS (Petrol)

CGGA 59kW/80PS (Petrol)

CAVD 118kW/160PS (Petrol)
CAXA 90kW/122PS (Petrol)
CNWA 118kW/160PS (Petrol)
CTHD 118kW/160PS (Petrol)
CTKA 118kW/160PS (Petrol)

BSE 75kW/102PS (Petrol)
BSF 75kW/102PS (Petrol)
CCSA 75kW/102PS (Petrol)
CHGA 75kW/102PS (Petrol)
CMXA 75kW/102PS (Petrol)

CAYB 66kW/90PS (Diesel)
CAYC 77kW/105PS (Diesel)

CBAA 100kW/136PS (Diesel)
CBAB 103kW/140PS (Diesel)
CBBB 125kW/170PS (Diesel)
CBDC 81kW/110PS (Diesel)
CFFA 100kW/136PS (Diesel)
CFFB 103kW/140PS (Diesel)
CFGB 125kW/170PS (Diesel)
CJAA 103kW/140PS (Diesel)
CLCA 81kW/110PS (Diesel)

CBFA 147kW/200PS (Petrol)
CCTA 147kW/200PS (Petrol)
CCZB 155kW/211PS (Petrol)
CDLG 173kW/235PS (Petrol) Edition 35

CDLC 188kW/256PS (Petrol)
CDLF 199kW/271PS (Petrol)
CRZA 188kW/256PS (Petrol)

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