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CAXA 90kW/122PS (Petrol)

BLF 85kW/115PS (Petrol)

CAYC 77kW/105PS (Diesel with DPF)

BZB 118kW/160PS (Petrol)
CDAA 118kW/160PS (Petrol)
CDAB 112kW/152PS (Petrol)
CGYA 112kW/152PS (Petrol)

BKC 77kW/105PS (Diesel)
BLS 77kW/105PS (Diesel with DPF)
BXE 77kW/105PS (Diesel)

BKP 103kW/140PS (Diesel)
BMA 100kW/136PS (Diesel)
BMP 103kW/140PS (Diesel with DPF)
BMR 125kW/170PS (Diesel with DPF)
BUZ 120kW/163PS (Diesel with DPF)
BVE 90kW/122PS (Diesel)
BWV 88kW/120PS (Diesel)
CBAA 100kW/136PS (CR Diesel with DPF)
CBAB 103kW/140PS (CR Diesel with DPF)
CBAC 105kW/143PS (CR Diesel with DPF & SCR)
CBBB 125kW/170PS (CR Diesel with DPF)
CBDC 81kW/110PS (CR Diesel with DPF)

BLR 110kW/150PS (Petrol)
BLX 110kW/150PS (Petrol)
BLY 110kW/150PS (Petrol)
BVX 110kW/150PS (Petrol)
BVY 110kW/150PS (Petrol)
BVZ 110kW/150PS (Petrol)

AXX 147kW/200PS (Petrol)
BPY 147kW/200PS (Petrol)
BWA 147kW/200PS (Petrol)
CAWB 147kW/220PS (Petrol)
CCTA 147kW/200PS (Petrol)
CCTB 125kW/170PS (Petrol)
CCZA 147kW/200PS (Petrol)

AXZ 184kW/250PS (Petrol)

BLV 206kW/280PS (Petrol)
BWS 220kW/300PS (Petrol)

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