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CGLC 130kW/177PS
CGLD 120kW/163PS
CJCA 105kW/143PS
CJCB 100kW/136PS
CJCD 110kW/150PS
CMGB 130kW/177PS
CNHA 140kW/190PS
CNHC 120kW/163PS
CSUA 110kW/150PS
CSUB 110kW/136PS

CPMA 155kW/210PS
CPMB 162kW/220PS
CHJA 155kW/211PS
CNCB 132kW/180PS
CNCD 165kW/225PS
CNCE 169kW/230PS

CDUD 180kW/245PS
CGQB 230kW/313PS
CPNB 176kW/239PS
CTBA 190kW/258PS
CTBC 184kW/250PS
CVUB 240kW/326PS
CVUC 230kW/313PS
DEHA 250kW/340PS

CTUC 200kW/272PS
CTUD 260kW/354PS
CTVA 200kW/272PS
CTXA 260kW/354PS

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