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CHZD 85kW/115PS (Petrol)
DKLB 63kW/86PS (Petrol)
DKRF 85kW/116PS (Petrol)

CJZA 77kW/105PS (Petrol)
CJZB 63kW/86PS (Petrol)
CYVA 63kW/86PS (Petrol)
CYVB 81kW/110PS (Petrol)

CHPA 103kW/140PS (Petrol)
CMBA 90kW/111PS (Petrol)
CPTA 103kW/140PS (Petrol)
CPWA 81kW/110PS (Petrol)
CXSA 90kW/122PS (Petrol)
CZCA 92kW/125PS (Petrol)
CZDA 110kW/150PS (Petrol)
CZEA 110kW/150PS (Petrol)

DACA 96kW/130PS (Petrol)
DADA 110kW/150PS (Petrol)
DPBA 96kW/131PS (Petrol)

CLHA 77kW/105PS (Diesel)
CLHB 66kW/90PS (Diesel)
CRKB 81kW/110PS (Diesel)
CXXA 66kW/90PS (Diesel)
CXXB 81kW/110PS (Diesel)
DBKA 81kW/110PS (Diesel)
DDYA 85kW/115PS (Diesel)
DDYB 66kW/90PS (Diesel)
DGTE 85kW/116PS (Diesel)

CJSA 132kW/180PS (Petrol)
CJSB 132kW/180PS (Petrol)

CKFC 110kW/150PS (Diesel)
CRBC 110kW/150PS (Diesel)
CRGA 130kW/177PS (Diesel)
CRLB 110kW/150PS (Diesel)
CRLD 81kW/110PS (Diesel)
CRMB 110kW/150PS (Diesel)
CRVA 81kW/110PS (Diesel)
CRVC 105kW/143PS (Diesel)
CUNA 135kW/184PS (Diesel)
CUPA 135kW/184PS (Diesel)
DCYA 110kW/150PS (Diesel)
DFFA 110kW/150PS (Diesel)
DFGA 110kW/150PS (Diesel)
DJGA 135kW/184PS (Diesel)

CJXA 206kW/280PS (Petrol)
CJXC 221kW/300PS (Petrol)
CJXE 195kW/265PS (Petrol)
CJXG 228kW/310PS (Petrol)
CJXH 213kW/290PS (Petrol)
DKZA 140kW/190PS (Petrol)
DNUC 213kW/290PS (Petrol)
DNUE 221kW/300PS (Petrol)

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