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AHW 55kW/75Hp (Petrol)
AKQ 55kW/75Hp (Petrol)
APE 55kW/75Hp (Petrol)
AXP 55kW/75Hp (Petrol)
BCA 55kW/75Hp (Petrol)

AEH 74kW/100Hp (Petrol)
AKL 74kW/100Hp (Petrol)
APF 74kW/100Hp (Petrol)
AVU 75kW/102Hp (Petrol)
BFQ 75kW/102Hp (Petrol)

ATN 77kW/105Hp (Petrol)
AUS 77kW/105Hp (Petrol)
AZD 77kW/105Hp (Petrol)
BAD 81kW/110Hp (Petrol) FSi
BCB 77kW/105Hp (Petrol)

AGN 92kW/125Hp (Petrol)

AGU 110kW/150HP (Petrol)
ARZ 110kW/150Hp (Petrol)
AUM 110Kw/150Hp (Petrol)
AUQ 132kW/180Hp (Petrol)

AGP 50kW/68Hp (Diesel)
AQM 50kW/68Hp (Diesel)

AGR 66kW/90Hp (Diesel)
AHF 81kW/110Hp (Diesel)
ALH 66kW/90Hp (Diesel)
ASV 81kW/110Hp (Diesel)

AJM 85kW/115Hp (Diesel)
ARL 110kW/150Hp (Diesel)
ASZ 96kW/131Hp (Diesel)
ATD 74kW/100Hp (Diesel)
AUY 85kW/115Hp (Diesel)
AXR 74kW/101Hp (Diesel)

AEG 85kW/115Hp (Petrol)
APK 85kW/115Hp (Petrol)
AQY 85kW/115Hp (Petrol)
AZG 85kW/115Hp (Petrol)
AZH 85kW/115Hp (Petrol)
AZJ 85kW/115Hp (Petrol)
BEH 85kW/115Hp (Petrol)

AGZ 110kW/150HP (Petrol)
AQN 125kW/170Hp (Petrol)

AUE 150kW/204Hp (Petrol)
AQP 150kW/204Hp (Petrol)
BDE 150kW/204Hp (Petrol)

BFH 177kW/241Hp (Petrol)
BML 177kW/241Hp (Petrol)

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